Hello World?

Hello World… I guess?

So this is me. I’m an adult – officially at least – and I have Aspergers, until they change the name of it, which is on the way I’m told. I’m also an introvert, which is not unusual for people with my challenges, but it does mean that, if you’re expecting a very interactive experience, this may not be the blog for you. I will of course try my best to respond to messages, just know that if I don’t, it really IS not you, it’s me.


What will be on this blog? I’m glad you ask, because honestly? I have no idea. I’m going to use it as an outlet, as a way to put into writing the things that take up too much space in my brain. Maybe someone will recognize something, and realise they’re not alone in the world, or maybe someone will have an “At least that’s not me” experience. If I contribute to someone’s well being in either fashion, I’m ok with that.


That about sums it up. This page has been sort of made on a whim, but I think it will be healthy for me, and hopefully educational – or at least entertaining – to anyone reading.


See you soon




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